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Argo Floats Field Trip Newsletter 1

Kia ora Patricia,

Welcome to Argo Floats, a voyage to track the pulse of world oceans! Shelley is off climbing in Nepal so I’m taking over the reins until she gets back later this week. 

This trip is a bit different from most LEARNZ field trips because you and your class will join scientists aboard the RV Tangaroa for 9 days. The trip starts Monday 16 June and finishes Wednesday 25 June. I will be the LEARNZ videographer supporting Shelley on this trip. We both look forward to having you and your class involved!

The Argo Floats web site is also different from other LEARNZ trips because the website has open access, so you do not need to login to see it. You will however need to log in to see the audioconference material and to 'Ask-an-Expert'.

Things to do from this newsletter:

  1. view the Argo Floats web site
  2. book an audioconference by emailing me  pete.sommerville@core-ed.org
  3. email pete.sommerville@core-ed.org with any specific requests 
  4. prepare your students for their field trip
  5. check out Resources for some useful links
  6. sign up an Ambassador to join us on the field trip.


  • Tuesday 3rd June - last day for audioconference bookings with Pete pete.sommerville@core-ed.org
  • Wednesday 11th June - audioconference questions due with Shelley shelley.hersey@core-ed.org
  • Thursday 12th June - deadline for Ambassadors to arrive at Shelley’s home office ($35 payment to be sent to the CORE Education office)
  • Monday 16  June – all aboard the RV Tangaroa! The virtual field trip starts. 


  • Please enrol all the classes you are taking on this field trip through your MyLEARNZ control panel. This enables us to report accurately to our supporters, continue to offer LEARNZ free of charge and it helps us support you and your students.


  • Personalise the field trip for your students by taking part in a live audioconference using the MoE audiobridge (at no cost)
  • During audioconferences students will be able to put questions to experts who are on location
  • One 25 minute audioconference will be held each day of the field trip
  • Taking part in audioconferences is a great activity for your class
  • All you need for an audioconference is a speaker phone. Skype can also be used
  • MOre details about audioconferences can be found in LEARNZ Support – Audioconferences
  • Check the audioconference timetable and book your audioconference now by emailing pete.sommerville@core-ed.org.


  • Do you have suggestions for the Argo Floats field trip website? Maybe you would like a video made on a specific topic or career for your students. Email pete.sommerville@core-ed.org if you have a request for content such as field trip videos, audioconferences, diaries or photos.





  • There is no prescribed way of using a LEARNZ virtual field trip
  • Curriculum links are available for you to check and see how the field trip relates to your class programme
  • Use your teacher or class login (username and password) for anything related to audioconferences or to use the Ask-an-Expert web board
  • Give the class login (username and password you set up for them in MyLEARNZ) to your students to use in class and at home
  • For help with login procedures go to Teacher Registration explained or call the teacher free phone 0800 22 55 53
  • The Prepare Students section of the Aergo Float site ensures your students are ready when the field trip gets under way
  • The background readings give an overall idea of the topic and can be used to generate further inquiry. Activities that consolidate new learning and encourage deeper thinking will be added over the next week.
  • During the field trip your class can follow the action in Shelley’s daily diary, watch the videos, and ask questions or listen during live audioconferences with our experts. Combined with the background readings, and Ask-an-Expert (requires a login), these components are powerful mediums for inquiry learning
  • See also Getting Started with LEARNZ.


Ka kite anō and I (or most probably Shelley!) will catch up with you again soon.


Pete Sommerville
LEARNZ Field Trip Director


Newsletter #1