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Waterview Connection Newsletter 4

Waterview Connection Newsletter 4 - For Teachers

Tēnā koutou, it's Shelley here.

This is the fourth newsletter for the LEARNZ Waterview Connection virtual field trip. Previous newsletters from this field trip can be read here.

Things to do from this newsletter:


  • Well done everyone for taking part in our Waterview Connection field trip to Auckland. What a great learning experience we had during the field trip.
  • Thanks to our many experts associated with the Field Trip, especially Samantha Krause and Jocelyn Shaw who helped organise the trip and co-ordinate experts.
  • The time and effort that has been put into the field trip from everyone involved has been very much appreciated.


  • Please complete the evaluation form now on your MyLEARNZ control panel.
  • Why?
    • We need your input to make sure we provide the highest quality LEOTC experiences 
    • Our sponsors need to know what you think of LEARNZ so they keep paying the bills (i.e. we want to keep LEARNZ freely available) and
    • You have a chance to win the field trip evaluation prize if you submit an evaluation by Monday 15 September 2014
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Let me know how you used the trip with your class so I can encourage other teachers. Send your ideas to me shelley.hersey@core-ed.org, e.g. audioconference summaries, photos of artwork, Blog links etc and I will publish it for your class and others to view.


  • The Waterview Connection website has all the field trip material recorded for you and your class to use. Remember to continue to access the activities. Be sure to take a look at the videos and the many still images in the photo gallery. Also get a better idea of the field trip surroundings by looking at the panoramas, just click them to enlarge.
  • Each video has a caption with questions for students to answer. A copy of the video questions and answers is in the Resources section of the website. The videos and questions make an excellent class, group, or individual activity for use at school or as homework. The audioconferences are also available for listening to at any time in Audioconference Recordings.
  • The Ask-an-Expert Web Board will be open for your questions until Monday 29 September 2014. This is an excellent place for students to ask 'fat' questions and learn about the correct procedure and language to use on an internet forum such as this.
  • Read or listen to the background reading pages and field trip material to help focus your class inquiry.

Ka kite anō,


LEARNZ Field Trip Teacher


Newsletter #4