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Waterview Connection Newsletter 3

Waterview Connection 3 field trip newsletter 3 for teachers

Kia ora koutou Shelley here,

It is great to have you on board for the Waterview Connection 3 field trip to Auckland. Alvin the LEARNZ ambassador and I are all set to go. See previous newsletters from this field trip. This field trip is during Conservation Week and is an ideal opportunity to look at how a large infrastructure project like this can be done sustainably.

Make sure students have the field trip link http://www.learnz.org.nz/waterviewconnection163

1. Key dates and times

  • Monday 12 September - check devices, field trip web site, data projector, printer.
  • Tuesday 13 September - Virtual Field Trip to Auckland begins. First audioconference at 9.15a.m. on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday 13 September - Read Shelley's first diary and look at the images.
  • Wednesday 14 September - first videos online from day 1 of the Waterview Connection 3 field trip.
  • Friday 7 October at 4p.m. Teachers submitting evaluations by this time and day are eligible for the prize draw.

2. Enhanced Audioconferences and Adobe Connect

  • Listening Schools - Your class can listen to audioconferences with added visual material in the LEARNZ Adobe Connect meeting room
  • Speaking schools - Press the mute button to un-mute your phone so you can talk and then press the mute button again as soon as you are finished speaking.
  • Speaking Schools - If other students are listening to the audioconference in the Adobe Connect meeting room ensure they are using headphones or are in a different room.
  • Adobe Connect - Throughout the Waterview Connection 3 field trip, the LEARNZ Adobe Connect meeting room will operate from 9.15a.m to around 10a.m.  
  • While the formal questions from booked schools are answered, the LEARNZ Adobe Connect meeting room will include related visuals and summaries of answers. 
  • New: After the formal audioconference session there are opportunities for students to ask extra questions 
  • Go to http://connect.vln.school.nz/learnz/to enter the LEARNZ Adobe Connect meeting room to take part during the live Waterview Connection 3 audioconference sessions.
  • Find out more about LEARNZ on Adobe Connect in LEARNZ support.

3. Activities

  • Prepare students to be primed and ready to learn by doing the activities for this Waterview Connection 3 site.  
  • Take a look at the planning sequence in the Resources section - good for helping you keep your class on track during the field trip.
  • With the class username and password that you set up for them on MyLEARNZ, students can share their learning at home with family - more.

4. Twitter updates

Follow me @ShelleyHersey #learnztrip on Twitter during the field trip for highlights as they happen. Get involved and I’ll catch you in the Twittersphere!

5. Videos

  • During the field trip, videos with captions are uploaded to the website each morning. 
  • The first videos (from the first day of the Waterview Connection 3 field trip) will be online on the morning of Wednesday 14 September. 

6. Web board

  • During the field trip students from your class can add their questions to the Waterview Connection 3 Ask-an-Expert Web Board. 
  • The Ask-an-Expert Web Board will remain active for 4 weeks following the trip and then it will be placed on the Waterview Connection 3 Website under a new link called 'Questions-Answers'.
  • Teachers are expected to manage the way their students use Ask-an-Expert. Your school's Internet Use Policy should govern the way students behave online.

See you all soon,

LEARNZ Field Trip Teacher

Newsletter #3