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What's the Plan, Stan? Newsletter 3

What's the Plan, Stan? field trip newsletter 3 for teachers

Kia ora koutou Andrew here,

It is great to have you on board for the What's the Plan, Stan? field trip to Christchurch. See previous newsletters from this field trip.

Make sure students have the field trip link http://www.learnz.org.nz/whatstheplanstan174

1. Key dates and times

  • Monday 16 October - check devices, field trip web site and access to Adobe Connect.
  • Tuesday 17 October - Virtual Field Trip to Christchurch gets under way. First web conference at 9.15am on Tuesday.
  • Tuesday 17 October - Read Andrew's first diary and look at the images.
  • Wednesday 18 October - first videos online from day 1 of the What's the Plan, Stan? field trip.
  • Friday 17 November at 4pm. Teachers submitting evaluations by this time and day are eligible for the prize draw.

2. Web Conferences and Adobe Connect

Check web conferences which features the timetable, questions, and recordings. 

  1. Go to http://connect.vln.school.nz/learnz
  2. Click Enter as guest
  3. Type your school or class name (no password needed)
  4. Click Enter Room
  5. Introduce yourself and say where you are from.
  6. Note: Some teachers allow students direct access to the live web conference because their students know how to stay on task in the chat area. Other teachers access the web conference themselves then show it on a data projector and use a shared document to gather extra questions.

3. Activities

  • Activities related to each background page assist with prior learning for the field trip.
  • Look at the planning sequence in the Resources section - good for helping you keep your class on track during the field trip.
  • With the class username and password that you set up for them on MyLEARNZ, students can access the web conferences and share their learning at home with family - more.

4. Twitter updates

  • Follow me @andrewpenny01 #learnztrip on Twitter during the field trip for highlights as they happen. 

5. Videos

  • During the field trip, videos with captions are uploaded to the website each morning. 
  • The first videos (from day one of the field trip) will be online Wednesday morning 18 October. 

See you all soon,

LEARNZ Field Trip Teacher

Newsletter #3