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Web conferences with schools are hosted live from the field by the LEARNZ Teacher and are coordinated by the LEARNZ Office. More about web conferences.




To book as a speaking school, email Shelley the LEARNZ Teacher shelley.hersey@core-ed.org.

Web conference date Time Location; Where are you? Topic Experts Speaking Schools Recording
Tuesday 19 June 2.15pm Pureora Bringing Kōkako Back Clare St Pierre and Dave Bryden Ilam School, Year 5-6, Korokoro School Year 5 (scroll down for questions). Replay at https://vimeo.com/275752671 (40 minutes - the password for accessing web conference recordings is in your teacher's MyLEARNZ).
Wednesday 20 June 2.15pm Mount Pirongia Management of Kōkako and translocation Clare St Pierre North Street School, Year 6 (scroll down for questions). Replay at https://vimeo.com/275959728 (38 minutes - the password for accessing web conference recordings is in your teacher's MyLEARNZ).
Thursday 21 June 2.15pm Mount Pirongia Restoring Natural Habitats Clare St Peirre Karori Normal School, Year 5-6 and Cambridge East School Year 5-6 (scroll down for questions). Replay at https://vimeo.com/276159169 (37 minutes - the password for accessing web conference recordings is in your teacher's MyLEARNZ).

Questions for web conference #1

Questions from Ilam School

  1. When and where do the kōkako sleep? Joanna
  2. How many and what sort of predators were there before they took the kōkako off and how many birds did they take away from Pirongia. Ivan
  3. We saw different coloured bands on the kōkakos’ legs. What do the different colours mean and how do you monitor them? Lucy
  4. We saw an image of a kōkako on a hinau tree and read about them eating the big berries from the tawa tree. What other trees and parts of trees do they eat? Zawl
  5. What is the mist net made out of and how do you make sure the birds don’t get hurt when they are captured? Alex

Questions from Korokoro School

  1. If you release kōkako chicks, do the adult birds try to hurt them or do they adopt them?
  2. How many kōkako are you hoping to find and how will you find them, what methods do you use to track?
  3. Have you used this method of translocation on any other species of bird, did it work?
  4. When you are relocating birds from one area to another, how do you make sure that the bird you are taking in is healthy even if it looks healthy?
  5. How do you keep an eye on the kōkako to make sure they are okay?

Questions for web conference #2

Questions from North Street School

  1. Why did the kōkako become extinct in the South Island, but not the North Island? Jade
  2. If the South Island kōkako was rediscovered would there be a breeding programme for it? Charlotte
  3. Why do Europeans call the kōkako the blue wattled or orange crow? Jade
  4. How many kōkako are left in total in New Zealand? Chayse
  5. Will the kokako develop to be flightless? Logun
  6. Are there more bird predators in the South Island compared to the North Island? Isobel
  7. We live in Feilding which is the Manawatu- how can we get kōkako here?
  8. Why are kōkako more often heard than seen?
  9. What have been your biggest threats/problems with trying to help the kōkako survive?
  10. Would you like us to run a sausage sizzle to help raise money to save these birds, or do you get funding for this?

Questions for web conference #3

Questions from Karori Normal School

  1. What will you do to the habitat: are you going to plant the trees that kōkako like?
  2. How will you protect the kōkako and their eggs from predators?
  3. How much will it cost and where does the money come from? Which organisations will help?
  4. How will you track them once they are back in their habitat?
  5. Are you sure that the South Island kokako can't be brought back?

Questions from Cambridge East School

  1. As we live close to Mt Pirongia what is it that we can do to help? - Regan
  2. Will the kōkako be okay with the other birds that live on Mt.Pirongia? - Analise
  3. What native plants are best for the kōkako to live in? - Kush
  4. Is it okay to feed banana to the kōkako even though it is not their natural diet? - Emma
  5. How can we protect the kōkako if we go to visit Mt Pirongia? - Malakai.


Connect with experts live during the field trip by booking a web conference. Image: LEARNZ.