Virtual Field Trips for New Zealand Schools

LEARNZ is a programme of free virtual field trips taking students to remote places all over New Zealand, Antarctica and beyond. Let us take you there!

Ulva Island
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Virtual Field Trips for New Zealand Schools

LEARNZ is a series of free online virtual field trips for teachers and their classes, taking them to remote places all over New Zealand and Antarctica. Let us take you there!

What is a virtual field trip?

A virtual field trip gives you access to online video and audio feeds, activities and much more.

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    Freshwater Ecology

    Investigating water quality and biodiversity around Lake Taupō

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    The use of skills, tools and data by people in Canterbury

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    Waterview Connection 1

    Going underground with New Zealand's biggest road project

  • Starts 9 September


    International Gateway to Christchurch





Teacher comments

A group of nine Year 6 extension maths students took part in this field trip. They made gains in a wide variety of skills, especially from taking part in the audioconferences.

Christine McGill from Queen Margaret College
comments on Argo Floats

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