Registration, Enrolment, Logins and MyLEARNZ explained

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  • Teacher registration

    1. Free registration is available to NZ Education Council registered and provisionally registered teachers, teaching in a New Zealand school
    2. After you have filled out the LEARNZ online registration form a confirmation email is sent to you with an Activation link.
    3. The confirmation email also directs you to MyLEARNZ ( which is for teachers to plan, and organise their classes. More below.
    4. Go to or log in to individual field trips yourself or with your class at LEARNZ (

    Why register with LEARNZ?

    LEARNZ enriches classroom teaching by providing fully supported, inquiry-based, live and interactive student experiences as well as access to the largest collection of New Zealand, contemporary digital resources designed for the New Zealand curriculum. And it's free.

    Need help with LEARNZ? - Go to the Support section.
  • Class enrolment

    1. Free class enrolment in field trips for the current year (and future years) is available to teachers after you register with LEARNZ
    2. Enrol classes at MyLEARNZ
    3. You will create a class login (username and password) before enrolling your first class in a field trip
      • This provides website access for all your classes to field trips in which you enrol them. For all subsequent enrolments, the same class login is used. You can change it at any time.
    4. Your students can access field trips in which you enrol them. Enrolling is not required to access field trips from previous years
    5. For each enrolment you will receive five e-newsletters with vital information about the field trip, such as key dates.
    6. By enrolling a class, you commit to completing a two minute online evaluation form
    7. Classes (and teachers) log in to field trips at LEARNZ -

    Why enrol classes?

    Enrolment enables students to become part of a live experience, including the opportunity to put questions orally and via chat to experts in live web conferences. Classes can also send a class ambassador, access videos, audio files, images, and text with assisted reading support. Enrolling also gives students access to previous years’ trips.  Teachers are sent field trip newsletters with critical dates which help to keep everyone primed. Class enrolment ensures our sponsors (eg MoE, DOC) know how many classes are using their sponsored field trips. Enrolment is free.

  • Your personal login

    1. created when you first register with LEARNZ
    2. consists of a username (your NZ Education Council registration number or your main email address) and a password
    3. used exclusively by you to:
      • get you into your LEARNZ planning area at MyLEARNZ
      • get you (but not your class - see Class enrolment, above) into all field trips at LEARNZ
    4. lasts forever


    Registration with LEARNZ requires you to keep your Personal Login secure and not share it with students, friends or colleagues.

  • Your class login

    1. created for your classes by you in MyLEARNZ after you register with LEARNZ
    2. consists of a username and password that you create (and can change at any time)
    3. used by all your classes
    4. gets your students into field trips at LEARNZ -, that you enrol them in using MyLEARNZ (and any field trip from previous years)
    5. should be changed by you at the beginning of each year


    Registration with LEARNZ requires you to keep your Personal Login secure and not share it with students, friends or colleagues.


    • Is at
    • Is accessible to you using your Personal Login created when you register with LEARNZ
    • Is a secure place where teachers:
      • create classes
      • create a single class login (for all classes)
      • change passwords
      • enrol class(es) in field trips
      • sign up ambassadors
      • get key information eg web conference connection details
      • change your account details such as:
        • last name
        • school name
        • email addresses
        • class login
    • Is NOT where you and your class log in to field trips - go to LEARNZ at for that.

Need help with LEARNZ?