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How parents can support students when using LEARNZ

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Dear Parent/Caregiver/Whanau

There are lots of ways you can support your child with their LEARNZ virtual field trip experience. However, while supporting your child with LEARNZ, keep safe on the Internet- more at Net Safe.

We recommend that, with your child, you explore the self-contained website that is created for each LEARNZ field trip. Note: For some completed field trips, you may need the class login which your child's teacher has set up and can share with you. Ask the teacher for the class login. The class login consists of a class username and a class password. See the catalog of field trips.

Before the virtual field trip, with your child, on the field trip web site

During virtual field trip, with your child, on the field trip web site

Read with your child related books about the topic. Your child's teacher or school librarian or the librarian at your local public library will be able to recommend related readings.

Discuss the topic with your wider family at mealtimes or while travelling and include your child's thoughts, knowledge and opinions.

Create something based on what your child has learned and share it. Maybe photograph it with a smart phone and get it put on the class blog ...

Have a question? email help@learnz.org.nz

See the draft text of a letter from your teacher about LEARNZ.

Enjoy the experience!

From the LEARNZ Team.