Teacher testimonials

Northern Wetlands

The virtual field trip caters for all types of learning. Students enjoy doing the worksheets and researching them. Information pages are appropriate to their level. Videos are engaging and the questions help direct the students to focus in on the learning.

Simon Drury from Paterangi School

Very appropriate - local area made it more relevant and has led into our term 2 project. Students were able to look at local and global issues. They used research skills and inquiry processes - specifically relevant as they are well set out for students to follow.

Diane Henderson from Kaikohe East School


My Year 9 class liked the fact that the experts' answers were not too technical. The field trip was a different delivery format that the students enjoyed.

Natalie Wright from Blue Mountain College

Most students were able to understand the technical terms in the resources, particularly the better readers. Excellent for career guidance. In-depth field trip helps reduce the isolation of our rural school.

Phillipa Ellis from Pongoroa School

It was great for all children in my class, and I have Māori, Pasifika and special needs learners. Tied in excellently to our inquiry with a science focus and gave my children another avenue to explore, if they chose to, and exposure to a real world context.

Ryan Burson from Clearview School

This work compliments our unit on Earthquakes which works towards Geo 1.1. The Activities were interesting, set at the right level and engaged my students.

Carol Morgan from Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu

I'll use LEARNZ again because there is so much information for my Year 10 Social Studies class. There is the personal touch of having Shelley and the people she engages with and the kids knowing they are part of something national. I also like that they become familiar with different ways to access learning.

Nicola Gilkison from Murchison Area School

Wandering Whales

It would be one of the richest learning experiences I have experienced with a class.

Fraser Campbell from Riwaka School

Unbelievable effect on their interest in whales. They are now using scientific terminology to identify body parts and any books on whales is perused with great interest. The visuals covered gaps in their reading and listening skills. Every expert who contributed had an impact on the children.

Rebekah Samuel from Massey Primary School

This was a great field trip. Students have been really inspired to find out more and are interested in what the scientists are trying to find out.

Hilary Rodley from Netherton School

Video footage and images make the information and experience more accessible.  They can be inspired by the awe and wonder of the experience regardless of whether they can read or write.

Pauline Maclean from St Theresa's School (Plimmerton)

Use of Maori words and history helps us connect to NZ and the culture.

Sandra Harnett from Rangiora Borough School

Different reading abilities of background information. I actually used these for teaching reading groups.  They were fantastic reading material with challenging information.

Susan Feron from Collingwood Area School

We are starting science fair and this was a good introduction. Wide range of students who all enjoyed it and worked at own level.

Lesley Dean from Nayland College

Although our classes were Year 2-3 we felt the audioconference answers were delivered at a perfect level for our students.  There were plenty of resources we could use and adapt to suit our learners. I had two special needs students who thoroughly enjoyed various aspects of the programme.

Fiona Mackley from Alexandra School

I was amazed at how much the children could tell me about whales, and more importantly, explain to me the process that the scientists were using to research the humpback whales.

Craig McDonald from Cornerstone Christian School

It fitted well with our topic about The Magnificent Marine we were learning about this term. Levelled reading pages were helpful.

Karina Robinson from Ilam School

Our Enhancement group ranging in age from 6-10 all got value from the trip.

Julie Argyle from Harewood School

Literacy skills were developed within this Science context. The field trip provided an inclusive programme. Different levels could be accessed to suit needs within the classroom. The Maori vocabulary extends knowledge and provides further Te Reo Maori opportunities.

Katrina Laurie from Clifton Terrace Model School

We are itching to start the background on whales as part of our science. Students are really excited.

Nicola Clissold from Owhiro Bay School

Fantastic resource for all teachers, students and parents who participate.

Daniele Cuthbert from Edgecumbe School