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Web conferences with schools are hosted live from the field by the LEARNZ Teacher and are coordinated by the LEARNZ Office. More about web conferences.




To book as a speaking school, email Shelley the LEARNZ Teacher shelley.hersey@core-ed.org.

Web conference date Time Location; Where are you? Topic Experts Speaking Schools Recording
Tuesday 2 April 9.15am Mt Somers Investigating and identifying biodiversity

Brad and Nancy

North Street School, Year 5 Replay at https://vimeo.com/327823773 (37 minutes) - the password is on the left in your teacher's MyLEARNZ.
Wednesday 3 April 9.15am Mt Somers Completing a Bioblitz and monitoring biodiversity

Ian and Nancy

West Park School, Year 2-6 Replay at https://vimeo.com/328058372 (45 minutes) - the password is on the left in your teacher's MyLEARNZ.
Thursday 4 April 9.15am Mt Somers Restoring biodiversity

Damien and Nancy

Otatara School, Year 3-4 Replay at https://vimeo.com/328289224 (35 minutes) - the password is on the left in your teacher's MyLEARNZ.

Questions for web conference #1 from North Street School and other NZ schools

  1. Charlotte. What is the weirdest bug you would find in your backyard?
  2. Ashton. How many species of bees are there in NZ?
  3. Nada - Why are some wasps pests?
  4. Mia. How many species of preying mantis are there?
  5. Logan. How many species of butterflies in NZ?
  6. Ashton. How many NZ ants are there?
  7. JJ - What does the Mt Somers weta eat?
  8. Josh-have you ate a bug on purpose before?
  9. Room 9 : How can we improve our biodiversity at our school?
  10. Shona: What do you think is the most interesting insect in NZ?
  11. Anna? What types of animals would you find in your back yard?
  12. Shona: We know the bullet ant has a horrible sting! What would be the most poisonous or venomous insect in NZ?
  13. Lachie: what NZ bugs are at the top and bottom of the food chain?
  14. Reanna : what is the rarest animal in NZ?
  15. nicb : Are there any bee species that can kill humans in NZ?
  16. student : what is the most harmful pest to our enviroment?
  17. Logun:how many native insects are there in NZ?
  18. Shona: What is the most common insect in NZ?
  19. Room 11 : Hudson : what is your favourite bug in NZ and why?

Questions for web conference #2 from West Park School

  1. What is the coolest name a native animal has? Dasha
  2. How many BioBlitz have been done in New Zealand and for how many years? Yukina and Arina
  3. Why are BioBlitz useful? Lulu
  4. How many different animals do you think a BioBlitz in Ō Tū Wharekai will find? Dasha
  5. When is the best time of the year to do a BioBlitz and why? Lulu
  6. How do you know if an animal is a native when you see it? Kahukura
  7. How long can it take to find an animal in the BioBlitz? Do they move during it?
  8. Do you think you would find some of the same animals and plants if you did a BioBlitz here in Johnsonville?
  9. Do you repeat a BioBlitz to see if it things have changed?

Questions for web conference #3 from Otatara School

  1. What is your favourite part of the BioBlitz? (Ciara)
  2. What predators do ants have (Bayley)
  3. Which animal found on the BioBlitz is likely to survive the longest? (Nico)
  4. If you stood still for an hour how many birds would you see? (Isla)
  5. How many different types of toadstools and mushrooms are there? (Maggie)
  6. Which animals are the rarest on the BioBlitz? (Elliot)
  7. What are the lines underneath the mushrooms? (Sadie)
  8. How long does a BioBlitz take? Do you stay out camping overnight? (Grace and Danny)
  9. How long does it take to find something on a BioBlitz? (Payton)

This web conference was held from Mount Somers.