Valuing the Community

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Redvale works hard to be a good part of their community. 

Liaison Committee

The Redvale Community Liaison Committee was set up in 1993. It allows Redvale Energy Park to communicate with the community. Any concerns about the Landfill can be talked about here too. 

The committee meets five times a year.

Dairy Flat Newsletter

The Community Liaison Committee, along with the Dairy Flat Community Trust, put out the “Dairy Flat Newsletter” four times a year. it is another way Redvale Energy Park communicates with the community. 

Waste Managementsponsor the Silverdale Pony Club to deliver about 1300 newsletters. 

Redvale Apprenticeship Programme

Redvale has started an apprenticeship programme. The Power Generation Team have enrolled a local person who has been with the company for a year. The programme will take up to 3.5 years to complete. It is another way that Redvale helps local people.  

Redvale Landfill and the Dairy Flat Community Trust also sponsor other community programmes.

Audio Māori keywords: 

Challenge: Find out how other businesses you know of give back to the community.

Organic Waste and Landfill Gases

Our Consumer Society


Redvale has recently started an apprenticeship programme. From left to right: Andy Vosper (Regional Manager Redvale Landfill), Cawood McCall, Allan Dyson (Gas Team Supervisor). Image: Waste Management.