Valuing the Community

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Redvale pride themselves in being a proactive and positive member of their community. 

Liaison Committee

The Redvale Community Liaison Committee was set up in 1993. It enables Redvale Energy Park to interact with the community, and to allow concerns relating to the operation of the Landfill to be openly discussed. 

The committee includes members who are local residents, business owners, and staff from local primary school, the local board member from Rodney, as well as Auckland Council technical officers and Waste Management staff. The committee meets five times a year to discuss matters raised by the community members and discuss issues relating to landfill operations. 

Dairy Flat Newsletter

The “Dairy Flat Newsletter” is produced in partnership between the Community Liaison Committee and the Dairy Flat Community Trust. The newsletter helps keep the community connected, providing updates on what’s going on in the area. It also contains a local business directory, connecting people with local business. 

Waste Management currently sponsor the Silverdale Pony Club to deliver the Dairy Flat Community Newsletter four times a year. There is a total of around 1300 newsletters printed and delivered to the local residents.

Redvale Apprenticeship Programme

Redvale has recently started an apprenticeship programme. The Power Generation Team have enrolled a local youngster who has been at the company for almost a year in a 'General Engineering Apprenticeship Programme’. The programme is designed in partnership with Competenz (one of New Zealand’s industry training organisations) and will take up to 3.5 years to complete.

It is another way that Redvale invests in their people, helping them to develop their skill-sets and at the same time addressing learning and skills needs within their team.  

Redvale also sponsors various community programmes in conjunction with the Dairy Flat Community Trust.

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Challenge: Find out how other businesses you know of give back to the community.

Organic Waste and Landfill Gases

Our Consumer Society


Redvale has recently started an apprenticeship programme. From left to right: Andy Vosper (Regional Manager Redvale Landfill), Cawood McCall, Allan Dyson (Gas Team Supervisor). Image: Waste Management.