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Getting Around: your options for a sustainable future

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Welcome to Getting Around - your options for a sustainable future. This field trip takes place on 10-12 November and is supported by the NZ Transport Agency | Waka Kotahi. Enrol now


Most of us get around in cars, either as drivers or passengers. Many of us also walk, bike, skate, or scooter, while some take the bus or train. The way we get around is developing all the time, and many of the latest options produce zero emissions, meaning they are better for us and the planet.

During Road Safety Week, connect with people about the importance and value of roads and road safety in New Zealand, now and in the future. Find out about the latest innovations involving transport options and street design. Get around Wellington using different transport modes and compare them.


Go to Wellington, New Zealand's capital city. Private car use in Wellington is declining, whereas public and active modes of transport are on the rise. There are also several projects aiming to make streets and public spaces safer, more sustainable, easier to get around, and more accessible.

Field Trip Plan

    Tuesday 10 November

    Day 1: Walking and wheeling.

    Wednesday 11 November

    Day 2: Innovative streets.

    Thursday 12 November

    Day 3: Reducing traffic through ride share and public transport.

    What's New

    21 October 2020  Check the web conferences page and book now by emailing andrew.penny@core-ed.org to be a speaking school.

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