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Videos about getting around and road safety

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A walking school bus

Meet some students who are part of a walking school bus at Belmont School in Lower Hutt that has been operating for 12 years. The students and and a couple of parents share why they like the walking school bus and what has made it successful.

Hutt Central School walking pou

To help reduce traffic at the school gate, Hutt Central School have a "meeting pou". Here, students can be dropped off at a safer, less congested location and walk the rest of the way to school with fellow students.

Designing Better Places for People

Aileen from Hutt City Council talks about Auaha Evolving Spaces. Brought about by funding from Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s Innovating Streets for People initiative, Auaha Evolving Spaces takes a co-design, people centred approach to “tactical urbanism”. This means making temporary changes to spaces to test what solutions might work. Working like this brings residents, businesses, iwi, community and Hutt City Council together to reimagine our public spaces.

Travel by e-scooter

Flamingo is part of a growing e-transport industry, helping to reduce our reliance on cars and get people around their city in a fun, safe, and easy way.

Biking Made Easy

E-bikes are another mode of transport that is enabling more people to get around in an active and sustainable way. E-cargo bikes are providing a range of options for individuals, families, and businesses too.

City Hop Car Sharing Service

Cityhop offers a way of living with one less car. It aims to help its members drive less and use active and public transport more. This means less congestion, fewer accidents, and less vehicle emissions.

Electric buses

Wellington is known for its high public transport use. It is introducing more sustainable options such as electric double decker buses, including a re-charging set-up at Island Bay. Hear more about this and other public transport developments, and go for a ride in the electric double decker bus!

Creating Shared Paths

The Cobham Drive shared path is part of a plan to create a coastal recreation area. The new two-way bike path and separate footpath will make things safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Landscaping, planting, seats and bike parking will provide places where people can enjoy the various art sculptures and harbour views.