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Benefits of a Smart Motorway

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Creating a smart motorway will deliver a wide range of benefits.

Consistent travel times

The length of time taken to drive that stretch of road will reduce, and the consistency of the journey time will improve too.

Lower Co2

Vehicles in congested traffic use extra fuel and create more emissions. This is a cost for drivers and the planet’s wellbeing. 

Less congestion

Smart motorways reduce congestion by keeping vehicles flowing smoothly.

Less stress – Happy drivers

Traffic congestion can be very stressful for those held in it. The smart motorway will help everyone get where they’re going sooner and more safely. Then everyone is happy.

Value for money

Building a whole new road is expensive. By making some changes to what is already there, another northbound lane can be created. This change will work alongside the smart system to give people the best journey and the best value for money.


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Features of the Smart Motorway

The Hub of the Smart Motorway



I wonder what research has

I wonder what research has been done that shows these benefits are for real.

I suspect that maintaining

I suspect that maintaining all the smart technology of a smart motorway will be less than the alternative costs of maintaining a bigger road.