Web Conferences

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Web conferences with schools are hosted live from the field by the LEARNZ Teacher and are coordinated by the LEARNZ Office. More about web conferences.




To book as a speaking school, email Shelley the LEARNZ Teacher shelley.hersey@core-ed.org.

Web conference date Time Location; Where are you? Topic Experts Speaking Schools Recording
Tuesday 6 March 9.15am Nelson The importance of marine ecosystems and how they work Sorrel O'Connell-Milne and Stina Kolodzey Titirangi School, Year 6 and Harewood School Year 5-6  
Wednesday 7 March 2pm Nelson Estuaries, human impacts and tipping points Rebecca Gladstone-Gallagher Red Beach School, Year 5-6 and Brooklyn School Year 5-6  
Thursday 8 March 9.15am Nelson Sustainable Seas Challenge and research Joe O'Callaghan Tamatea Intermediate School, Year 8 and Paraparaumu Beach School Year 5-6  

To take part in a web conference:

  1. Go to https://core-ed.zoom.us/j/399587551
  2. Wait until the Host joins
  3. Enable your microphone
  4. Introduce yourself
  5. Watch and listen to the web conference
  6. You can ask extra questions at the end by typing these in the chat pod.

Web conferences connect you with experts, and the LEARNZ field trip teacher, live on location. Image: LEARNZ.