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Videos: Expedition Fiordland ecology

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Tuesday 22 September

Keeping Pests Out

Take a look at how gear is checked to make sure no foreign organisms are accidentally introduced into Fiordland.

To Tamatea by Helicopter

Get ready to begin your Fiordland adventure and fly from Te Anau to Supper Cove in Tamatea/Dusky Sound. Then jump a board the MV Flightless and settle in for a multi-day voyage.

Restoring Tamatea

Meet Maria who co-owns and operates Pure Salt. Find out how this business is helping to restore the ecosystem of Tamatea.

The Fiordland Forest Ecosystem

Explore the forest on the mainland at Pickersgill Harbour. See what lives in this forest and how pests such as deer have changed this ecosystem.

Wednesday 23 September

Everything is Connected

Explore the forest on Anchor Island and compare it with the forest found on the mainland in Fiordland. Find out why this island is home to many taonga species.

He Waka eke Noa

Take a look out over Tamatea and discover more about the names of this area and what they can tell us.

The Formation of Tamatea

Look back in time and listen to Ron describe how the land and fiords were formed in Tamatea.

Where Two Cultures Met

Stand on the rocky point where southern Māori first met Captain Cook and find out more about this encounter.

Thursday 24 September

Where Conservation Began

Take a look around Pigeon Island with Darren from the Department of Conservation. See where conservation began with the work of Richard Henry who moved birds to nearby Resolution Island to try and save them from predation.

Beneath the Water in Tamatea

Talk to Maria about what makes the fiords unique and go snorkelling to see what lives in these waters.

Trapping Pests on Long Island

Trek through dense forest on Long Island and find out how to set traps to catch predators that harm our native birds.

Tamatea and Beyond

Meet our conservation heroes Aaliya and Yeshaya who won Pure Salt’s competition and joined us on our Fiordland adventure. Find out what they have learned and get inspired to take part in your own conservation project.

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