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Experts and web conferences

Replay web conferences

Riki, Ravi and Molly (below) answered the following questions from students:

  • Who started the Hokonui Restoration project and when?
  • Who thought of the project and why did they start doing it?
  • What do you hope to achieve by doing this restoration?
  • How many people approximately do you have helping you and how do you employ these people?
  • Who came up with the ideas for the apps and can anyone get the apps for free?

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Riki, Ravi and Molly answered the following questions from students:

  • In terms of the Hokonui seeds, what happens to the seeds after they are harvested and what plant seeds have you collected?
  • What is the role of the Hokonui Rūnanga?
  • Once the trees are planted how long does it take until they are fully grown and how often do you plant new trees?
  • Do you know how much the population of the birds has grown since the restoration work started and if any species have been returned?
  • What impact has being involved in this restoration project had on you and how did you connect or re-connect with your heritage?
  • In Hokonui, after you have cleared pest plants and done restoration planting, how many years before that area looks after itself (e.g. birds spreading seeds). Will you always have to do pest plant and animal control?
  • Ravi, when you are developing apps such as those for Hokonui, do you start from scratch or you adapt from apps you have already made?

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Meet the experts

Meet Riki, a Kaiārahi Taiao leading the environmental team at the Hokonui Rūnanga

Meet Ravi, a GIS Analyst for Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand LINZ

Meet Mollie, a Katiaki Taiao Environmental Assistant for the Hokonui Rūnanga

Meet Jana Chief Executive of Te Tapu o Tāne Nursery

Meet Rāniera, tauira team leader for trainee rangers at the Hokonui Rūnanga