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Hokonui restoration field trip videos

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Hokonui restoration kaupapa overview

Visit the Hokonui Rūnanga in Gore and meet Riki who is the environmental team leader. Find out about the work that the Rūnanga is doing to restore the Hokonui Hills and how technology is helping with this mahi.

  • What activities are involved in environmental restoration projects and how do you think technology can help with this work?
  • Find out more about restoration projects in your local area and how you could get involved.

Restoration planting mahi

Join ākonga from Longford Intermediate School to help plant native species around a wetland and see how to look after these plants.

  • Find out more about the native plants that grow in your region and try growing your own.
  • Volunteer for a local planting day or create your own native garden at home.

Weed control app

Meet Ravi from Toitū Te Whenua Land Information New Zealand and see the app that has been created to help with weed control work.

  • How can technology help with weed control work?
  • What weeds are common in your area and how are these controlled?

The great falls of kanakana

Explore Mataura Falls, known traditionally as Te Au-nui-pihapiha-kanakana, the great falls of kanakana, and find out why this area is significant to mana whenua.

  • How was the knowledge of this area shared before it was mapped?
  • Create your own story-map to share the history of your local area.

Tuna surveys on Matuara awa

Set a hinaki and catch a longfin eel. Find out more about this taonga species and how tuna are tracked and monitored at this site.

  • How are tuna tracked and what would be some of the challenges of tracking tuna?
  • Find out more about the life cycle of tuna.

Hi-tech predator trapping

See how predators are trapped in the Hokonui Hills and how technology is helping with this work.

  • Why are introduced predators such a problem in Aotearoa?
  • Find out more about the technology used to manage predators.

SBAS – Satellite-based augmentation system

Talk to Ravi about the new technology that will be available in the future to increase the accuracy of positioning systems and find out the benefits of this.

  • When would it be helpful to have more accurate location information?
  • How would you benefit from SBAS?

Seed collection app

Help collect native seeds in the Hokonui Hills and see how a seed collection app is helping build a seed bank for this region.

  • Why is it important to eco-source seeds for restoration planting? \
  • Research a native plant that grows in your area to find out when to collect seeds and try growing your own eco-sourced seeds.

Te Tapu o Tane Nursery

Follow the journey of seeds collected in the Hokonui Hills through to seedlings grown at a nursery near Invercargill. Track this journey and see where these plants will end up.

  • Why is it important to know where the things you buy come from?
  • How could you use technology to help with your own restoration project?

Educators, use this video question template Word (31k) | PDF (217k) | Google doc to think more about each video (based on SOLO Taxonomy).