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Videos: Taupō volcanoes

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Introduction to Taupō, our supervolcano

Introducing the Natural Hazards field trip from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Tuesday 27 August

1. Whakataki - Introduction

Meet Sylvia Tapuke an iwi-based researcher for the ECLIPSE programme who will guide you on your journey across the Taupō supervolcano. Explore Mātauranga Māori and prepare for your trip.

2. Ngātoroirangi as told by Pouroto Ngaropo

Meet Kaumatua Pouroto and discover why the volcanoes have moved. Find out who Ngātoroirangi is and the powers he had.

3. Pūtauaki Mt Edgecumbe

Look at what causes volcanic activity in New Zealand and the benefits it brings. Discover more about the history of Pūtuaki and follow the journey of Ngātoroirangi.

4. Tarawera Eruption and the Buried Village

Explore the Buried Village at Te Wairoa and look at the signs that foretold this eruption. Find out how we can learn from events like this.

5. Forest Incinerated By Tarawera

Join volcanologist Ben Kennedy as he looks back in time through layers of ash. Find out what this ash can tell us about previous Tarawera eruptions.

Wednesday 28 August

1. Mud Glorious Mud

Visit the mud pools at Waiotapu and find out how these formed. Discover how Māori used geothermal areas such as this.

2. Learning to Live with our Volcanoes

Visit the Volcanic Activity Centre in Turangi and meet local Bubs Smith. Find out how to prepare for volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.

3. Poi only 2019 Nga kura a iwi

Watch Tūrangi students from Te Kura O Hirangi perform Ngātoroirangi Poi. See the kupu and translations here.

4. Looking back in time at Lake Taupō

Drive up to a look out above the southern end of Lake Taupō. Talk to Bubs Smith and Ben Kennedy about the human history and eruption history of this area. Then take a closer look at some pumice from an old eruption.

5. The Story of Tongariro

Enjoy stunning views of Mount Tongariro at Opotaka and find out more about the hazards of this volcano. Find out how technology is helping to manage these hazards.

6. The end of our journey following Ngātoroirangi

Talk to Hoane Taoho from Ngāti Tuwharetoa about Ngātoroirangi's travels in this area and discover the meanings behind some local place names.

Thursday 29 August

1. Keeping an eye on natural hazards

Come into the National GeoNet Hazard Monitoring Centre at GNS Science in Wellington. Find out which hazards are monitored and how this information can help us to prepare for natural hazards.

2. Taupō supervolcano erupts

Explore the new Te Taiao exhibition at Te Papa and see what happens when the mighty Taupō supervolcano erupts. Watch as the ash spreads and see how an eruption like this can spread ash across the globe.

3. Erupt a volcano

Join volcanologist Ben Kennedy at Te Papa and find out about different volcanic rocks. See if you can find the perfect recipe for making pumice.

4. Our journey comes to an end

Take some time at the end of the trip to reflect on what you have learned. Talk about the connections between Mātauranga Māori and science and how together they can help us to understand our volcanoes better.