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Thriving on stage: How schools support Performers in the ASB Polyfest

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E felelei manu ae ma’au i o latou ofaga.
Birds migrate to environments where they survive and thrive.

Have you ever wondered how performers are able to prepare such amazing shows for events like the ASB Polyfest? Well, it takes a lot of support and resources from their school communities to make it happen!

Schools like Tāmaki College make a strong commitment to their students by providing rehearsal space, costumes and props, transportation, access to cultural advisors and coaches, and even musicians to support the performers during the event.

Image: Tāmaki College Samoan group tutors.

The Samoan proverb at the top of this page can be used to describe how people can also thrive in an environment that values culture, heritage, and identity. At Tāmaki College, students are encouraged to participate in the Polyfest, which is a celebration of cultural diversity and the performing arts. The school community provides resources and support to help their students showcase their talents and culture, just like how birds migrate to environments that support their survival and growth.

Image: Tupulaga from Tāmaki College.

But it's not just about the resources. School communities also encourage their students to participate in the festival by promoting the event and highlighting the benefits of participating. This helps generate interest and excitement among the students.

Polyfest provides an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and culture to a wider audience, and schools take great pride in their students' performances and contributions to the event. Tāmaki College has a long history of involvement in the Polyfest and is known for its strong Pacific community and tradition of cultural preservation and celebration.

Image: Tāmaki Cook Islands ākonga practising by Tāmaki College.

By participating in events like the ASB Polyfest, students can gain a greater appreciation for cultural diversity and develop important skills in the performing arts. So next time you attend a cultural event, remember the hard work and support that goes into making it a success!

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