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Day 1

1. Growing Good Apples

Meet Duncan Park from T&G Global and see how they are growing apples on a trial orchard in Hastings. Look at the different types of growing systems and the work done throughout the year to produce the best apples possible.

2. The Packhouse

Take a look through the T&G Global Packhouse and see how technology is used to wash, grade and package apples so they are ready for export.

3. The Coolstore

Brave the chill of the coolstore to find out how cold apples have to be to keep them fresher for longer and discover how technology is increasing the time that apples can be stored for.

4. Apple Marketing

See some of the different apple varieties produced in the Hawke's Bay and find out what customers look for when buying apples.

Day 2

1. Developing New Apple Varieties

See how to collect pollen from a flower and find out how scientists use pollen like this to fertilise apple tree flowers and eventually create new apple varieties.

2. Apple Root Stock

Come into the glasshouse and see the rootstocks that are being bred to be more disease resistant and find out how apple trees are grafted on to these rootstocks.

3. Out of Storage Assessment for Apples

Take a look around a lab at Plant and Food Research in Havelock North. See how apples are tested for firmness, sweetness, acidity and ethylene production.

4. Growing Better Apple Trees

Use a light sensor to measure the amount of sunlight parts of an apple tree receive and discover how apple trees can be grown in different ways to maximise fruit production.

Day 3

1. Stopping Unwanted Pests

Discover why maintaining biosecurity is so important for New Zealand and find out more about how to manage the threat that brown marmorated stink bug poses.

2. Technology for Tackling Codling Moth

See how drone technology and sterile moths are being used to reduce the population of codling moths which affect apple trees.

3. Analysing Apple Disease

Take an apple with rot and see how scientists identify apple disease by taking a sample and growing a culture on an agar plate.

4. Rockit Apples

Visit the Rockit Global headquarters to see what is special about this apple variety and how it is packaged.