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Experts and web conferences

Meet Rauhina from Hocken Collections Te Uare Taoka o Hākena

Replay the web conference with Rauhina from Hocken Collections and Hanna from the New Zealand Sea Lion Trust

The following questions were asked by our speaking schools for this web conference:

Omakau School – Year 5-8

  1. Why are sea lions endangered?
  2. How do sea lions communicate with each other?
  3. What happens when a sea lion gets sick?
  4. Do sea lions have a self defence system when they are threatened?
  5. Where do sea lions come in the food chain? What is their main predator?

Rai Valley Area School – Year 7-8

  1. How has the changing environment or beach use affected the pakake?
  2. Has climate change made a difference?
  3. Does DOC or anyone else do anything to keep sea lion mums and pups safe when they are away from the sea?
  4. Do pakake hunt and travel in groups?
  5. How do you tell the difference between male and female pakake?

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Meet Jim from Te Papa Atawhai The Department of Conservation

Meet Robyn from Taieri 

Meet Rachel from Ōtākou

Meet Koreana from Ōtākou

Meet Mike from the New Zealand Sea Lion Trust

Meet Korako from Aukaha

Meet Suzi from Karitane

Meet Georgia-Rae from Karitane