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Share your ideas – The sea and me

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Aotearoa is surrounded by the sea and the sea is a taonga. Preserving biodiversity has many benefits for humans so it is important for us to feel a connection with life in our seas. In this field trip we explore how people are using seaweed species in sustainable ways, so we can benefit from our seas and look after them at the same time.

Toi moana - Toi tangata!

Image source: Marlborough Sounds © Leigh Tait – NIWA, NZ.

 Connecting with our seas!

Share your ideas–The sea and me

Our seas are so important, so we want to know more about what the sea means to you!

Students: Create something representing The sea and me.

This could be a poem, a piece of art, a piece of writing, an image or something else… get creative! Ask your teacher to share your creation with LEARNZ. We’ll publish this in our online spaces to help spread the word about what our seas mean for our tamariki!

We even have a couple of spot prizes to give away for creations shared to us by 8 October 2021.


Check out this entry from Riwaka School

Students from Room 4 at Riwaka School share their ideas about the sea and me - PDF.

How to share

Share your ideas by sending us a small file (less than 10Mb). You can do this as an attachment to share@learnz.org.nz.*

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Image source: Marlborough Sounds © Leigh Tait – NIWA, NZ.

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