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Videos: Seaweed aquaculture

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Kaitiakitanga of the Kaikōura marine ecosystem

Meet Matua Brett Te Rūnanga o Kaikōura Kaumātua, who talks about some of the local taonga found on the Kaikōura coast. Find out how these treasures are being protected following the Kaikōura earthquake.

  • What coastal taonga or treasures did Brett talk about and how are these protected?
  • What are some taonga or treasures that you know of in your local area and how are these cared for?

Exploring the history and environment of Kaikōura

Walk up to a lookout above the Kaikōura Peninsula known as Te Taumanu-o-Te-Waka-a-Māui. Find out how this peninsula was named and see the animals that live here.

  • Find out about the place names in your area and what they mean.
  • What animals live on the coast in Kaikōura, are these animals found in other parts of Aotearoa?
  • Is seaweed important to these animals and if so how?

Māori uses of rimurapa

Take a closer look at a washed-up piece of rimurapa or bull kelp and discover its unique properties. See how Māori use rimurapa to make pōhā or bags and other items.

  • What makes rimurapa suitable for making pōhā?
  • Design and make something of your own from rimurapa.


Explore South Bay in Kaikōura and talk to Marine Ecologist Rob about seaweed. Identify different types of seaweed and look at some adaptations which help this plant to survive.

  • What are the similarities and differences between seaweeds and plants on land?
  • Find out more about different seaweed species and where these grow.

Seaweed’s role in the marine ecosystem

Travel north of Kaikōura to an area of rocky shore to discover the important role that seaweed plays in coastal marine ecosystems.

  • How does seaweed help people?
  • What do you think would happen to our marine ecosystems if seaweed growth declined?

Challenges to a balanced seaweed ecosystem

See how people have changed the marine environment around South Bay Marina. Look at how human activity can affect the growth of seaweed and bring pest species to Aotearoa.

  • How can we try to stop the spread of pests in our oceans?
  • How does climate change impact on our oceans and how could these impacts be managed?

Seaweed aquaculture

Visit Havelock in the Marlborough Sounds which is a key area for aquaculture. Find out how to farm seaweed and why it might become a wonder crop for Aotearoa.

  • What marine species are farmed in Aotearoa?
  • What are some of the challenges associated with aquaculture?

Shopping for seaweed

Look at a variety of products that contain seaweed and discover why seaweed is used in different types of foods, health supplements and cosmetics.

  • What products do you use that contain seaweed or extracts from seaweed?
  • What makes seaweed a healthy food choice?

Seaweed science

Take a look around the lab at the Cawthron Institute in Nelson and find out why scientists are studying karengo.

  • Why are scientists interested in karengo?
  • Karengo is an edible red seaweed, find out how it can be used in cooking.

How aquaculture can help agriculture

Look at the work being done at the Cawthron Aquaculture Park in Nelson on the red seaweed species known as Asparagopsis. Discover how this seaweed could help reduce methane emissions in cattle.

  • What are some of the challenges that scientists face in farming Asparagopsis?
  • Find out some other uses for seaweed in agriculture.

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