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LEARNZ provides comprehensive support for all registered users.

Using LEARNZ videos

For each day of a LEARNZ field trip, curriculum-rich videos are shot, edited and uploaded overnight so your students can feel right up close to the action.

At LEARNZ on Vimeo, anyone can

  • watch LEARNZ videos 
  • share LEARNZ videos on social media
  • embed LEARNZ videos for replay on their own web site or Intranet.

Also, if you Join Vimeo you can

  • follow LEARNZ on Vimeo
  • message LEARNZ on Vimeo
  • watch later
  • add to your own collections
  • like individual LEARNZ videos on Vimeo.

Exploring Shackleton's Hut from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

LEARNZ videos are available:

  • currently for playing/streaming/embedding exclusively on Vimeo (enabled since 2016 for LEARNZ videos on Vimeo)
    Note: Vimeo now has adaptive streaming which means video quality continuously alters with your Internet speed.
  • for download or playing/streaming in mp4 format and alternatively for playing/streaming on Vimeo (from 2013 to 2015)
  • for download or playing in mp4 format (from 2012 to 2015)
  • for download or playing in wmv format (up until 2012)

Most computers, tablets and smart phones will play LEARNZ videos automatically in their default browser or using their default video player.

If the videos don't play automatically, we recommend you download and install the latest appropriate software such as:

  • Quicktime 7 or better here or
  • Windows Media Player here

Most desktops and laptops and other devices already have either or both of these installed but may not have the latest versions.

Before late 2015

  1. To save the video file
  • PC users - Internet Explorer left-click on a link and follow prompt to Save, for other browsers right-click on a link and "Save Link As"
  • Mac users - hold down Ctrl and click on a link then "Download Linked File"
  • Once downloaded, double-click the file to play it or open your media player first, click File...Open and navigate to the file