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Videos: Sustainable seas - mussels, sea stars, kelp

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Tuesday 3 March

1. Mapping Mussels with Mātauranga Māori

Talk to Kura, a marine scientist about the health of Ōhiwa Harbour and how knowledge from Māori elders has helped scientists to map the changes in the harbour over time.

2. Investigating Kūtai with Kutarere School

Meet students from Kutarere School and discover more about our endemic kūtai. Take a closer look at this mussel species and find out how it feeds.

3. Sussing out Sea Stars

Pick up a pātangaroa sea star and look at some of the adaptations it has to survive. 

4. Scientific Challenges at Ōhiwa Harbour

Discover how complex this marine ecosystem is, what role mussels and sea stars play and why mussel beds in the harbour are in decline.

Wednesday 4 March

1. Mussels for Ōhiwa Harbour

Drive around to the western side of Ōhiwa Harbour to meet with Kura, a marine researcher. Find out about the mussel restoration sites which have been set up around the harbour and how these will help restore the harbour.

2. Kayaking to the Mussel Restoration Site

Get your life jacket on and kayak out to the mussel restoration site. Experience the strength of the currents within the harbour and see how many mussels are growing on the lines.

3. Using Natural Resources for Mussel Lines

Take a look at how tī kōuka, cabbage tree fronds can be woven into lines for mussels and discover what makes the best mussel lines.

4. Cages for Kūtai

Discover how sea stars have outsmarted scientists and think about how to make a sea star proof cage to protect mussels.

Thursday 5 March

1. Hi-tech marine monitoring

Meet Leigh Tait, a marine ecologist working for NIWA. Find out about some of the cool technology that ecologists can use to monitor the marine environment.

2. Mapping marine areas using aerial drones

See how to fly a drone to record what's living on the edge of Ōhiwa Harbour and find out why scientists still need to take transects to make sure the data collected by drones is correct.

3. Clever cameras for kelp

Walk over the hill from Ōhope Beach to Ōtarawairere to explore a rocky reef. Discover how to monitor seaweeds using a drone and look at how this technology was used after the Kaikōura earthquake.

4. Getting the big picture from drone data

Talk to Leigh about the protocols of drone use and what happens to the data collected by drones. Find out how he uses artficial intelligence to analyse images and create maps. 

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