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Meet Elizabeth Soal


Chief Executive of Irrigation New Zealand

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Job description: 

Helping the community learn about the importance of irrigation to New Zealand, leading the wonderful team of people who help the irrigation sector thrive and grow.

Work background: 

Studied law, politics, and geography at University. Worked as a government policy advisor before working for a group of irrigation schemes and farmers in North Otago and South Canterbury. I have been at Irrigation New Zealand for only a few weeks!

Favourite part of job: 

Speaking on behalf of all the hard-working farmers and irrigation schemes who help feed the world.

What I am working on now: 

Studying towards a PhD in water governance, talking to many people about the importance of water storage and helping New Zealand prepare for managing water under climate change.

Interests outside work: 

Playing squash and touch, watching my son swimming, and growing native trees.

Elizabeth is Chief Executive of Irrigation New Zealand. Image: Supplied.