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What's the plan, Stan?

Find out how to prepare for the impacts of natural hazard emergencies such as earthquakes and tsunami.

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About this trip

Go with LEARNZ to Bay of Plenty/Waiariki, a geologically active part of Aotearoa, with active fault lines that cause earthquakes, tsunami risk and volcanic activity. Our island nation sits across the boundary of two of the world's great tectonic plates, so everywhere in Aotearoa New Zealand can be affected by earthquakes.

We all need to know what to do when an emergency happens, and how we can take steps to prepare. First, we need to learn about New Zealand's natural hazards that cause emergencies: floods, storms, earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic activity, and landslides. Then we need to understand the impacts of an emergency caused by these hazards: no water, no power, no phone or internet, stuck at home, can't get home, have to evacuate.

Find out what to do in an earthquake and tsunami, and how to prepare for the impacts of these natural hazard emergencies. ShakeOut | Whakahaumaru Aotearoa is our annual national earthquake drill and tsunami hīkoi. Sign up for ShakeOut at GetReady.govt.nz.

This online field trip supports a STEAM-based, cross curricular approach to teaching and learning. Participation encourages curiosity, citizen-science and student inquiry. Access the glossary. Find out what the ambassadors did on this trip.



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