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Teachers, did you make your own unit or activity or lesson plan for this field trip? If so please email it to us for sharing.

Video questions and answers - field trip #1 November 2013

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
    • Questions - Word (47k) | PDF (75k) 
    • Answers - Word (50k) | PDF (92k)
  • Thursday

Video questions and answers - field trip #2 May 2014

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

Video questions and answers - field trip #3 November 2014

Video questions and answers - field trip #4 March 2015

  • Tuesday
    • Questions - Word (48k) | PDF (76k)
    • Answers - Word (51k) | PDF (129k)
  • Wednesday
    • Questions - Word (48k) | PDF (109k)
    • Answers - Word (48k) | PDF (120k)
  • Thursday
    • Questions - Word (49k) | PDF (107k)
    • Answers - Word (51k) | PDF (125k)

Answers to Print and Copy Activities

  • New Zealand's Memorial Park - Word | PDF
  • Creating a Memorial Park - Word | PDF
  • War Memorials - Word | PDF
  • Debating the Issues - n/a.


Booklet - Right Beside Our School.

Right Beside our School Booklet – PDF (10.8Mb)

Memorial Park Alliance Update 2013 09 26

Memorial Park Alliance Update 26 September 2013 – PDF (596k)

Student Art Work from Wellington College

  • Four year 12 students from Wellington College have kindly agreed to have their art work displayed here (1Mb pdf file). The art work comes from a 2014 war themed project during which students created two 820mm X 620mm panels each.

Wellington College student art work 2014



  • Generic Planning Sequence for a LEARNZ virtual field trip - Word (120k) | PDF (140k).
  • Memorial Park Preview. Captioned images from the background pages, packaged in a convenient PDF which you can show to your students as a slide-show, or print it to put in your reading area - PDF (2Mb).
  • Do a class audioconference summary. Making a class summary of an audioconference is a great way of reviewing the information your students heard. It's easy to do, purely as some text, or as main facts on a picture background. Feel free to use the audioconference summary sheet - Word (30k). We'd love to share your ideas so please send your class summary to andrew.penny@core-ed.org.
  • Remember you can listen to the audioconferences again from the audio recordings if you want to gather more information.


PDF documents: To view or print out PDF documents you will need the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Reader. This is available free from the Adobe website.