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Ambassador Mata-au

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Kia ora tatou,

I'm Mata-au from Room 9 at Rosebank School in Balclutha.

My whanau are a bit confused about what I am (I'm not too sure either!) I might be an owl or a parrot, it's hard to tell!

Monday 12 May

Kia ora tatou

It is great to be here in Wellington. The city is so full of hustle and bustle. It’s a wonderful place to visit but I don’t think I could live here. Murgatroyd says you get used to it after a while, but I think I shall just stick to good old quiet Balclutha!

I’m looking forward to seeing all the goings-on at Memorial Park. I have heard a lot about it and seen pictures and all that but it will be great to actually be there and see it for myself.

Catch you tomorrow,


Tuesday 13 May

Kia ora koutou

We had a great day today. It was really cool being allowed to walk (or fly in my case) through the underpass tunnel. I thought it was funny when Andrew said that one day you might be driving your own car through the tunnel!

You guys did really well on the audioconference. I felt very proud to be representing Rosebank School. I am looking forward to the next audioconference you are asking questions.

Catch you tomorrow,


Wednesday 14 May

Kia ora koutou

Today we learnt about an old building that is going to be moved into the Memorial Park area. It is amazing that there is a team working full time getting the building ready to be shifted so that it doesn’t fall apart during the move. These people working on the Memorial Park and underpass are very clever.

It was really windy and wet in Wellington today. It was nice to get back to the motel and have a hot cup on Milo.

Catch you tomorrow,


Thursday 15 May

Kia ora koutou

The highlight for me this week was listening to you guys on the audioconferences. It made me feel very proud to be representing Rosebank School. I am sure you have learned heaps by being a part of this field trip – I know I have! I am looking forward to coming back to school and seeing all the cool work you have been doing about the Memorial Park and underpass project.

Catch you soon,



Ambassador Mata-au is from Rosebank School in Balclutha. Image: LEARNZ.

Monday. Here is Mata-au on the plane from Auckland to Wellington. Image: LEARNZ.

Tuesday. Mata-au at one end of the tunnel. Image: LEARNZ.

Wednesday. Mata-au had another great day on the field trip. Image: LEARNZ.

Thursday. Mata-au by the Carillion tower and tomb of the unknown soldier. Image: LEARNZ.