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Teachers, did you make your own unit or activity or lesson plan for this field trip? If so please email it to us and we will add it to this section.

Self Assessments

Your students can complete the online pre-test and post-test student self-assessment forms for this field trip. Once completed you can email to have your class submissions extracted and emailed to you. It's OK if just some of your students have filled them in or if they have submitted either self assessment rather than both.

Web conference resources

  • Possible question starters for Web conferences based on Chuck Weiderhold's (1993) Question Matrix and also includes a separate piece on open-ended questions - Word (38k) | PDF (27k)
  • What's the Plan, Stan? web conference activity: Students can work on this activity while they listen to live or recorded web conferences - Word (25k) | PDF (167k) | Google Doc. Notes from these pages could be shared to help put together the web conference summary sheet.
  • Web conference summary sheet: The web conference summary can be done in a format of your own choosing, but feel free to use the web conference summary sheet - Word (29k) | PDF (113k) | Google Doc. We'd love to share your ideas on the website and help your students feel valued for their efforts. Please send your class summary to


  • Planning Sequence example for a virtual field trip - Word (2.7Mb) | PDF (178k) | Google Doc.
  • Video question sheet - Word (31k) | PDF (217k) | Google Doc. To use for each video (based on SOLO Taxonomy).
  • EPIC: Through EPIC The Ministry of Education has paid a subscription on behalf of all registered New Zealand schools to access a range of quality, educational e-resources. For information about how to register with EPIC go to More information is at If you are unsure if your school is registered ask your librarian or principal.

Links and downloads

  • Get Ready Week - Get Ready Week is held every year to mark the International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction (13 October). This year the theme for Get Ready Week is Stay Safe, Stay Informed.
  • Make a plan (online) with your family to get through an emergency.
  • What's the Plan, Stan? - Information for Teachers
  • What's the Plan, Stan? Teaching Years 1-3
  • Get ready with this household emergency plan - PDF (120k)
  • The new look What’s the Plan Stan? resource is here! This well-known guide for teaching emergency preparedness in primary classrooms is now online at
    Take a look at the content here in this PDF
  • What's the Plan, Stan? on Pond - This 'Pond' link will give you a range of links, resources and information related to the field trip topic (you can also try other similar search terms such as 'emergency management' or 'get through' etc).
  • What's the Plan, Stan? on EPIC - results for 'natural hazards' listed on the EPIC NZ Geographic database.
  • Natural disasters Any Questions - Junior Secondary Years 7-10

New Zealand disasters 

with thanks to Christchurch City Libraries

Cyclones and floods

Earthquakes, landslides and volcanoes



School journal resources 

  • Idea City (PDF)
  • Earthquake (PDF)
  • Monsoon Flood (PDF)
  • Quake, Rattle and Roll (PDF)
  • A Silly Story (PDF)
  • Low Tide (PDF)
  • The Big Dig (PDF)