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Adobe Connect

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Web conferences 

Note: Wanting live web conferences or PLD? Go here to access.

 All web conferences (formerly audioconferences) which take place during a LEARNZ field trip are streamed live to the LEARNZ Adobe Connect meeting room.

How do I get access?

If you have enrolled your class in a particular field trip, field trip newsletters will include instructions and the link to the LEARNZ Adobe Connect meeting room. Alternatively, access is the same as described on the PLD and Webinars page.

LEARNZ backchannel on Adobe ConnectWhy Adobe Connect?

  1. It allows your students to see supporting visuals and text while listening
  2. It adds an extra avenue for immediate communication in an e-learning context.
  3. It provides new opportunities for collaboration and contributing in a safe social media setting.
  4. It provides an opportunity for your students to write using language appropriate for a shared online education context.

How is it set up?

The LEARNZ team are using The Ministry of Education's platform powered by Adobe Connect web conferencing, which does not cost schools anything.


  1. Ease-of-Use. You (teachers/students) do not have to sign up to take part. Just click on the link in one of the field trip newsletters you receive if you have enrolled your class.
  2. Simple. Runs in any web browser such as FireFox, Chrome, Safari, IE and on any device such as desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone. If you are using a smart phone, you should be prompted to use the App for iOs or Android.
  3. Free. Access to the platform is free - it is highly unlikley that the amount of Internet data transferred during the session would be enough to incur any charges.
  4. Cyber Safety. We (LEARNZ) have the facility to delete and track unsuitable messages, clear all messages, and add a password if need be. Note: if you allow students access to the LEARNZ Adobe Connect meeting room, then your school's Internet Use Policy should primarily govern the appropriate ways they interact and what they write. Teachers, one suggestion is for students to send you their messages some other way, and for you to vet them before you post on behalf of students.

When is the LEARNZ Adobe Connect meeting room open?

The LEARNZ  Adobe Connect room is open during the live field trip audioconferences for a field trip. Details will be listed in field trip newsleters.

How do I use it?

Some suggestions:

  1. You access the LEARNZ Adobe Connect meeting room just on your own device so you can see for yourself how it works.
  2. You project the LEARNZ Adobe Connect meeting room from your device onto a large screen so your class can see how it works.
  3. Students type questions then copy-and-paste them into a shared document or email them to you, or Tweet them to you, then you copy-and-paste them into the chat pod.
  4. Students in small classes or withdrawal groups use devices to directly post questions into the chat pod, under your supervision.

What can my class do in the LEARNZ Adobe Connect meeting room?

  • share ideas
  • ask extra questions
  • answer questions
  • watch related visuals
  • note links to related sites
  • respond to quick polls
  • contribute links and other examples of classwork
  • just listen and watch if you want to (and re-watch the recording later)!