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Map My Waahi

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Map My Waahi

discovering our shared heritage

Welcome to the Map My Waahi field trip for Term 2. This trip is supported by the Ministry of Education/Te Tāhuhu o te Mātauranga. Logistical support for this field trip is provided by Land Information New Zealand/Toitū te Whenua. The field trip is from 25-27 June 2019. Enrol now.


In Aotearoa New Zealand, our ancestors all came from another place. Our society is a rich blend of origins, cultures, languages, traditions, religions and foods from all over the world. Early Māori sailed thousands of miles to reach Aotearoa New Zealand. Their routes were preserved in memory or recorded in song. Upon arrival they weaved place names and overland route descriptions into oral histories. These have been passed from generation to generation. Iwi mapping was therefore an oral tradition. The pepeha, for example, is an important form of introduction. It links individuals to their tribal roots and significant landmarks. The forerunner to the Global Positioning System (GPS)! Join us as we explore the diverse heritage of a classroom, their stories and how they came to Aotearoa New Zealand. Meet with their parents and understand some of the challenges they faced in making this country their home. Your guides will be other students who have been using digital maps to create a record of their origins and the places that support their identity. 

Meet Andrew


Travel to Lower Hutt Awakairangi, a city of over 100,000 people and one of four cities that make up the Wellington Pōneke metropolitan area. One quarter of Lower Hutt's people were born overseas, about the same as the national average. Although 95% of its people identify as either European, Māori, Samoan, Indian or Chinese there are significant numbers of Cook Islands Māori, Filipino, and Dutch. On this field trip you visit sites that support the identity of the diverse groups of people who live there. 

Field Trip Plan

  • Planning Sequence: an example of how primary schools can make use of all field trip components for a 3-day virtual field trip - Word (647k) | PDF (313k) | Google Doc.

    Monday 24 June

    Travel day: Join Andrew and the ambassadors as they fly from Kerikeri to Wellington. During the journey, Andrew takes the chance to photograph and talk about some of the interesting features of the trip.

    Tuesday 25 June

    Day 1: 

    Wednesday 26 June

    Day 2: 

    Thursday 27 June

    Day 3: 

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