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Getting started with LEARNZ

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If you haven't already, register now with LEARNZ. More at registration and enrolment explained.

Now what? There is no fixed way to ‘do’ LEARNZ, but here are some initial ideas …

1. Get Inspired



3. Choose a trip and enrol

4. Prepare your students

  • Read the 3 e-newsletters sent 1 month, 2 weeks and 3 days before the trip
  • Give the class login to students/parents/caregivers
  • Visit the field trip web site - goes live one month before the trip
  • Use the preview power point, intro video, background pages and activities
  • Get students to create their own questions
  • Book a slot to ask questions during an audioconference
  • Get students to post questions on ‘ask-an-expert’ web forum
  • Book an ambassador to travel on the field trip
  • Go to the Support section for help

5. Do the field trip

  • Decide what you/students would like to do:
  • View and answer questions from videos
  • Put questions to experts during a live audioconference
  • Join the LEARNZ on Adobe Connect during live audioconferences
  • Put questions to experts on the 'Ask-an-Expert' web forum
  • Read daily diaries
  • View images and still/interactive panoramas
  • Follow ambassador adventuresExplore expert profiles and their career pathwaysThink of a way to bring the learning together (create a power point, a poster, a movie, a play)

6. Reflect

  • Read the 2 e-newsletters sent 3 days and 1 month after the trip
  • Review learning outcomes and actions
  • Complete the LEARNZ evaluation form at MyLEARNZ
  • Think about and enrol in the next LEARNZ trip - go to the Field Trip Chooser

Once you’ve done one LEARNZ trip you will see how you can blend in other learning opportunities. There are endless ways to extend the LEARNZ field trip experience …