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Why enrol in LEARNZ field trips?

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Follow students from other schools as they take actionReasons to enrol your class(es) in LEARNZ virtual field trips:

  1. To receive newsletters with planning tips and ideas for getting the very best from your LEARNZ field trip experience:
    1. Newsletter 1st 1 month before the field trip
    2. Newsletter 2nd 2 weeks before the field trip
    3. Newsletter 3rd day before the field trip
    4. Newsletter 4th day after the field trip
    5. Newsletter 5th 1 month after the field trip
  2. To take part in web conferences and access recordings
    • Live web conferences offer the chance for your students to orally put their questions directly to experts. Bookings essential – more details in newsletters.
    • Live web conferences also offer the chance for any class to ask questions using the chat feature. No bookings required.
    • Recordings are accessed via a code, which is in your MyLEARNZ.

  3. To provide us with evidence of use for our partners, which helps keep LEARNZ free.
    • We are able to offer LEARNZ free to teachers in New Zealand state, integrated and registered private schools because of the generosity of our partners. Currently these include: MoE, DOC, LINZ, EQC, NIWA, NZTA, MPI and many others. These partners expect evidence that their funding has created useful educational outcomes in New Zealand students.

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