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People and Water - Term 2

Links to Diaries for People and Water from Shelley the LEARNZ Teacher will appear here during the field trip in May.

Diary 1


Diary 1 - Monday 22 May. Join Shelley and the ambassadors as they travel from Dunedin to Wellington to begin the People and Water field trip.


Diary 2

Diary 2 - Tuesday 23 May. Follow the journey of water from its source to your tap and see how water is made safe to drink.



Diary 3

Diary 3 - Wednesday 24 May. Visit the Moa Point Wastewater Treatment Plant and discover how dirty water is cleaned, then look at some simple ways to save water.



Diary 4

Diary 4 - Thursday 25 May. Visit a fire station and find out where they get their water from to fight fires. Take a closer look at stormwater drains and see how to keep our stormwater clean.

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