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Diary 1Diary 1 - Monday 1 April: Join Shelley and the ambassadors as they travel from Dunedin to Mt Somers to begin the BioBlitz field trip.




Diary 2Diary 2 - Tuesday 2 April: Meet experts from the Department of Conservation and head into the protected highcountry wetland area of Ō Tū Wharekai. Take a look around and try different methods to observe, identify and record biodiversity.



Diary 3Diary 3 - Wednesday 3 April: Check the pitfall trap, tracking tunnels and trail cameras to see what animals live in Ō Tū Wharekai. Visit Lake Emily and Lake Heron to monitor birds and search for some weird and wonderful native plants.



Diary 4Diary 4 - Thursday 4 April: Venture back up into the Ō Tū Wharekai basin to find out what threatens biodiversity and how to restore this unique wetland area.




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