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Connect with climate change experts

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Recorded web conferences

Fiona and Davina answered the following questions from students:

  • What action do we have to take to help our rivers' ecosystems?
  • How does pollution affect the weather patterns?
  • How can we encourage people to get connected with nature?
  • How did climate change not get noticed as a major problem by governments until recently?
  • Why and how is agriculture such a big polluter?
  • Why do we as children need to make change if we've done nothing wrong?
  • How has renewable energy changed over time?
  • How does climate affect the environment?
  • Is landscape a factor in climates of different areas?

CORE Education · Our Changing Climate NZ podcast 1 of 2

Fiona and Justin answered the following questions from students:

  • When you use water to generate power and you take it through the Coleridge penstocks and Power Station doesn’t that affect the water quality?
  • How can we spread awareness to the people who don’t know or believe that climate change is real?
  • Is there any way to not only stop climate change but to reverse it?
  • With the rising sea levels and the risk of erosion, where would they have to prioritize the coastal protection levels?
  • Why do people worry about 1℃ or 2℃ in temperature change when that's really not that much and we deal with that much change every day?
  • In New Zealand what is the largest cause of global warming or climate change?
  • What do you say to people who agree there is global warming and climate change but say people have not caused it?
  • When will climate change affect people in a bad way?

CORE Education · LEARNZ Our changing climate podcast 2 of 2

Meet the experts

Meet Fiona: Chief scientist at Environment Canterbury (ECAN)

Meet Davina: Science team senior leader at ECAN

Meet Mananui: Regional Leader - Pou Mātai Kō ECAN

Meet Duncan: Freshwater ecologist

Meet Ben: High country farmer

Meet Erana: Mana Whenua member of Environment Canterbury Youth Rōpū