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Videos about Our changing climate

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The Field Trip Begins

Head up into the mountains towards the head of the Rakaia awa to begin investigating the impacts of climate change on mana whenua and this braided river.

  • What can we learn from how mana whenua used this area in the past?
  • How might the changes happening in our mountains due to climate change impact you?

Climate Change Impacts in Waitaha Canterbury

Talk to Fiona, the chief scientist at Environment Canterbury about climate change in the mountains of Waitaha and what we can expect in the future.

  • Find out more about glaciers in Aotearoa and how they shape our land
  • If all of the glaciers in Aotearoa melted away how would that make you feel and why?

Renewable Energy – A Key Climate Solution

Look at how electricity is generated from water at Coleridge Power Station and how electricity use can impact on climate change.

  • Find out where the electricity you use comes from
  • Come up with some simple ways to reduce your use of electricity

Wetlands – A Vital Part of the Ecosystem

Explore a wetland near the Rakaia awa and find out more about the importance of wetlands to mana whenua and how wetlands can help reduce climate change.

  • Investigate a wetland near you and find out if you can help restore this ecosystem

Use Your Voice for Climate Action

Meet Erana who is working with Environment Canterbury to increase people’s awareness of climate change and how to take action against climate change.

  • Share your knowledge of climate change with others and what can be done to reduce climate change

Climate Change Resilience on the Farm

Take a look around Cleardale Station and see how farmers can work with the environment to increase resilience to climate change.

  • Consider how the area you live in may be affected by climate change and what you could do to manage or reduce these impacts

Planning for the Future – Floods and Droughts

See how Environment Canterbury monitors river flows and how this information can be used to help reduce the impacts of floods and droughts.

  • Take a look at your local council website and find out which areas are prone to flooding
  • Make a plan of what to do if there is a flood in your local area

Sea Level Rise

See where the Rakaia awa meets the Pacific Ocean. Consider the impacts of sea level rise in this area and how these impacts can be managed.

  • How would sea level rise impact you and what could you do to reduce these impacts?

Understanding Climate Change Impacts on Braided Rivers

Talk to Duncan a freshwater ecologist about the importance of braided rivers, how they might be affected by climate change and what can be done to make these ecosystems more resilient.

  • How can we protect braided rivers in Aotearoa?
  • Explore a natural ecosystem near you and find out how it might be affected by climate change.

What’s Your Climate Action

Find out about some of the actions that can be taken to try and reduce climate change and think about what you can do to make a difference.

  • Share your actions to combat climate change and encourage others to take action too.

Use this video question template Word (31k) | PDF (217k) | Google doc to think more about each video (based on SOLO Taxonomy).