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Connect with experts about floods

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Experts and web conferences

Web conferences

The following questions were answered by people from MetService - Te Ratonga Tirorangi and National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA):

  1. What are the best ways of finding information when there is extreme rainfall and you wonder if you are at risk of flooding?
  2. What should you save first if your home is getting flooded?
  3. Where should you go if your home is getting flooded?
  4. What should you take with you if you have to leave your home because of a flood?
  5. Should you do anything different if you are away from home, say on holiday, and your new location floods?

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The following questions were answered by people from Greater Wellington Regional Council - Te Pane Matua Taiao and MetService - Te Ratonga Tirorangi:

  1. Why are floods our number one hazard (and not earthquakes?)
  2. Is there a definition of a flood?
  3. What factors cause a flood?
  4. Can you design cities and farms so they won't flood?
  5. Where in Aotearoa are the most flood-prone places? Where are there no floods?
  6. Are there priority places that authorities do not want to flood. For example, is it a low priority if some recreational places flood, such as a walking track or a sports field?

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Meet the experts

Meet Alice - Hazard Risk Management Advisor

Alice is a Hazard Risk Management Advisor for NEMA - the National Emergency Management Agency.

Meet Lisa - Meteorologist

Lisa is a Meteorologist and Head of Communications at MetService based in Wellington.

Meet Renee - Emergency Management Advisor

Renee is an Emergency Management Advisor working for WREMO – the Wellington Region Emergency Management Office.

Meet James - Senior Engineer

James is a Senior Engineer working for the Greater Wellington Regional Council.