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Mana Whenua and the CRL

Gabriel Kirkwood is part of Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki iwi, one of eight members of the CRL Mana Whenua forum. Gabriel helps us start the field trip with a karakia, then goes on to describe the involvement Mana Whenua from Tāmaki Makaurau has with the City Rail Link.

  • What does this video make you think about katiakitanga?
  • What are some ways that kaitiakitanga is shown at your school or home?

Health and safety training

Health and safety is an important part of a construction project like CRL. The nature of this industry means there is risk of serious injury. That is why the Link Alliance have developed a state-of-the-art health and safety training facility.

  • Identify the PPE (personal protective equipment e.g. steel cap boots) that construction workers would need to wear on site.
  • With each item of PPE that you identify, give an example of how that item might protect the wearer.

Tunnelling technology

City Rail Link’s Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) is excavating two 1.6-kilometre-long tunnels from Mt Eden to central Auckland, connecting with the tunnels already built from Britomart Station. TBM Assistant Engineer, Antoinette, talks about how this machine works.

  • What inspirational woman is the TBM named after?
  • What are the three main jobs of the TBM? To be precise, the TBM is 7.15 metres wide. Measure this diameter to see how wide the tunnels will be.

Engineering on site

When thinking about sustainability, one of the keys to reducing waste and the amount of material used overall on a project like CRL, is through good planning.

  • What are the plans and designs able to tell site engineers?
  • What is the test called that is used for concrete?
  • Why would it be important to test it?

Mount Eden Station construction

Structures Supervisor Don and his crew are currently working on OSDs at the new Mt Eden station site. OSD stands for on-site stormwater detention. Hear from Don about putting plans into action on site.

  • What metal is used to reinforce concrete?
  • What will be going on top of the OSD?
  • What must a plan get before it is able to be used on site?
  • What might you see on a set of construction plans?

Designing better spaces

There are many parts that make up the design process for CRL. The stations are designed to be safe and functional, and to also embody the social, cultural, and environmental sustainability values of this project. Pedro, a Systemwide Senior Designer, talks about some key design elements that will help to express these values.

  • What are the four main design elements Pedro talks about?
  • What things are considered when selecting materials?
  • Give an example of how Mana Whenua are included in the design process.

Water treatment on site

Maintaining high environmental standards is an important part of sustainability and kaitiakitanga on the CRL project. In this video you see some of the on-site water testing methods and hear how water is valued.

  • What is the piece of equipment used for that Pania-Atarangi demonstrates?
  • How is kaitiakitanga and sustainability shown through the water treatment process?

Managing utilities at Aotea

Utilities are services like water, power, gas, and internet. Site Utilities Engineer, Roseanne, explains how and why utilities need to be moved before they start digging up the street.

  • What do you think Roseanne means when she talks about the "footprint"?
  • What do the different ducting colours represent?
  • What parts of a train station would need to connect to utilities, and how would they be used?

Going underground

We have special permission to go 30 metres underground with Senior Tunnel Engineer Kat Howard. Get your PPE gear on and head down 15 flights of stairs to where work is well under way on the new Karangahape Station tunnels.

  • What is the name of the machines creating the Karangahape Station tunnels?
  • Kat talks about the challenge of operating big machines in a confined space. What other challenges would you face in this type of work environment?

Working as an apprentice

Cecelia (CeCe) is an apprentice with ambition in the construction industry. See what she is currently working on at City Rail Link and be inspired to get into construction!

  • What skills would you learn as an apprentice like Cece?
  • What strengths would help you to be a successful apprentice?