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Ambassador Snowball

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Kia ora!

My name is Snowball and I live in Room 9 at Tawa School in Wellington. I'm really interested to know more about where the rubbish goes because believe it or not, I nearly got chucked into the bin! My head is made from an old sock, my body is made from a toilet-paper roll, and my fleece is left-over fluff from Room 9’s production.

Just like you students, I love reading books. All I know about the world is from the books I read and this will be my first time leaving the school.

Room 9’s so excited about this trip that they all signed their names on my toilet-paper roll body before covering me with fleece. In that way, they can all accompany me in my adventures! I can’t wait to learn more about Kate valley and share my experiences with all the children.

See you all soon!


Monday 4 November

Kia ora everyone

Today we flew from Kerikeri to Auckland and then from Auckland to Christchurch. When we arrived in Christchurch, we drove to Amberley. This is where we will be staying for the week.

We didn’t leave Kerikeri until midday. Andrew went out fishing last night so he spent some of this morning filleting snapper and sorting out his boat before we headed to the airport. We all had snapper, cheese and onion toasted sandwiches before we left – yum!

Catch you soon,


Tuesday 5 November

Kia ora everyone

It was a fascinating day on the field trip today. We found out all about the journey waste goes on from when it is thrown out to when it arrives at the landfill. I was amazed at all the different trucks and other machinery that are involved in transporting the rubbish from place to place. We also got to see the parts that make up the landfill liner. The liner sits at the bottom of the landfill and makes sure no leachate leaks out. If you’re not sure what leachate is you can find out from one of today’s videos!

Catch you soon,


Wednesday 6 November

Kia ora everyone

Today we got to see some of the large landfill machines in action. As well as the big trucks transporting waste there are diggers and bulldozers. The bulldozers spread the waste as well as compact it. It needs to be compacted to fit as much waste as possible into the area. I watched a digger spread soil over the waste, and yesterday I saw a digger get waste out of a container on the back of a truck because it was stuck! I didn’t realise there would be so much to learn at a landfill!

Catch you tomorrow,


Thursday 7 November

Kia ora everyone

What an interesting time we had today. We learnt about how rubbish makes gas and how the gas is used to produce electricity. But I have to say it was how all the heavy machinery is used at the landfill that I liked the most out of everything this week.

I have had a great time on this field trip but I am looking forward to coming back home and telling you all about my adventures.

See you all again next week!


Snowball will be leaving Tawa School for the first time. Image: Supplied.

Monday. Snowball is heading north from Christchurch airport to Amberley. Image: Andrew Penny, LEARNZ.

Tuesday. Snowball gets a good view over Kate Valley Landfill. Image: Andrew Penny, LEARNZ.

Wednesday. Snowball is next to one of the large diggers at Kate Valley Landfill. Image: Andrew Penny, LEARNZ.

Thursday. Snowball is next to the blowers which act like big vacuum cleaners, drawing all the landfill gas away from the decomposing organic waste. Image Andrew Penny, LEARNZ.