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Videos: primary industries - mussel spat, sheep milk, engineered timber

Watch the introductory video for the Our Primary Industries field trip:

Introduction to Our Primary Industries from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Tuesday 6 June

1. What is SPATnz?  - Watch on Vimeo.

Drive out to the SPATnz mussel hatchery to find out how they are breeding mussels to help supply mussel farms in the Marlborough Sounds.

2. Raising Mussel LarvaeWatch on Vimeo.

Meet Hannah who raises mussel larvae and see how she makes sure they are well fed and healthy.

3. Algal ProductionWatch on Vimeo.

Walk into the algae room to see how SPATnz grows algae to feed mussel spat and find out what biosecurity measures need to be taken to keep the algae free of bacteria.

4. The Settlement AreaWatch on Vimeo.

Take a look in the settlement tanks and find out about the last stage in raising mussel spat before they are sent to a mussel farm.

Wednesday 7 June

1. Milking SheepWatch on Vimeo.

Wake up early and drive out to Neudorf Valley near Nelson to help milk sheep, that supply Thorvald.

2. Animal WelfareWatch on Vimeo.

Talk to Julie who owns and operates a farm which supplies Thorvald with sheep milk and discover how she ensures her flock stays healthy.

3. Making YoghurtWatch on Vimeo.

Meet Francis the cheesemaker for Thorvald and discover how he also makes yoghurt out of sheep milk.

4. Thorvald - Quality Sheep Milk ProductsWatch on Vimeo.

Meet the owner of Thorvald and see how quality is controlled and products packaged. Then try some Thorvald cheeses for yourself.

Thursday 8 June

1. Pine - A Versatile Timber Product - Watch on Vimeo.

Take a drive out to a pine forest near Nelson and see how they grow and log pine trees to make engineered wood.

2. Maintaining a Productive Forest - Watch on Vimeo.

Find out where pine forests are grown and how pine trees are cared for to ensure they produce quality timber. See how risks to tree health are managed.

3. Making LVL - Laminated Veneer Lumber - Watch on Vimeo.

Meet Jason the Project Development Manager at Nelson Pine Industries and see how logs of pine are transformed into a strong and durable product called LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber).

4. Biosecurity for Timber Exports - Watch on Vimeo.

Follow the production of LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) and MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) through to export from the Port of Nelson and find out more about biosecurity processes.

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