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Web Conferences

Web conferences with schools are hosted live from the field by the LEARNZ Teacher and are coordinated by the LEARNZ Office. More about web conferences.




To book as a speaking school, email andrew the LEARNZ Teacher andrew.penny@core-ed.org.

Web conference date Time Location; Where are you? Topic Experts Speaking Schools Recording
Tuesday 20 March  11:00am Redvale Energy Park and Landfill Inputs - rubbish = landfill friendly and unfriendly products, plus a look at recyclables, then follow the collecting of waste from a home or business to Redvale. Tim Brake Te One School & Spring Creek School (questions below) Replay at https://vimeo.com/260865534 (40 minutes - the password for accessing web conference recordings is in your teacher's MyLEARNZ).
Wednesday 21 March 9.15am Redvale Energy Park and Landfill Landfill Processes - managing leachate, landfill gas (LFG) production, capturing and utilising LFG. Tim Brake Titirangi School (questions below) Replay at https://vimeo.com/261024272 (32 minutes - the password for accessing web conference recordings is in your teacher's MyLEARNZ).
Thursday 22 March 9.15am Redvale Energy Park and Landfill Outputs - sustainable electricity and powering electric vehicle's, odour control, eggplants, plus visit a school next door to the landfill. Tim Brake St Heliers School (questions below) Replay at https://vimeo.com/261204941 (30 minutes - the password for accessing web conference recordings is in your teacher's MyLEARNZ)

Questions for web conference #1 on Tuesday 20 March at 11:00am

Te One School - Year 1-8

  1. Has anything been invented to stop or ease leaching from waste?
  2. Can we reduce the amount of waste we produce?
  3. Can we pass more laws to stop producing plastic that is not biodegradable?
  4. Can you please explain the process of how the methane gas is formed?
  5. What types of machines do you use and what is the cost of running these machines?

Spring Creek School - Year 5

  1. Can recycling be a negative thing? Addison
  2. What happens if we don’t recycle?
  3. Why does plastic not break down?
  4. What is something that should get recycled but doesn’t? Ana
  5. How can we make recycling easier? Alyssa

Questions for web conference #2 on Wednesday 21 March at 9:15am

Titirangi School - Year 6

  1. Who came up with the idea  of gas pipes in the ground? Erin and scarlett Has anyone else done this? Who came up with the idea to collect all the gases and turn it into energy to charge the generators? Charlie N
  2. How much energy can the landfill make? Henry
  3. Why do you need to turn the gases into power? Charlie N
  4. How much energy does methane produce? Eden
  5. Do you use the energy created by landfill gas to power the landfill in any way? Isla
  6. How else are scientists using landfills to create energy? Isla
  7. How do scientist know that these gases are not still polluting our earth?
  8. Is it possible to become waste free? Logan
  9. How much trash goes into the landfill each day?
  10. How long does it take to full up a landfill? Chloe

Questions for web conference #3 on Thursday 22 March at 9:15am

St Heliers School - Year 8

  1. How do you stop it from smelling when you are working at the landfill? Gabby
  2. What is your plan or goal for powering electric vehicles using the energy from the landfill? Zenith
  3. Does the heat pumped into the greenhouses retain any toxic compounds, and if so, are these intercepted by the eggplants? Colden
  4. Since the battery supply in electric vehicles are limited, do you know what they will do in the future to construct longer lasting batteries? Josh
  5. How do you turn rubbish into energy? Dan
  6. What do you do with the eggplants? Zifan
  7. If every day, rubbish is being is produced, what do you do with it all? Will there just keep being more landfills? Jiyuan
  8. Can only certain types of rubbish be turned into gas which is used as energy? Aislinn
  9. Can the rubbish be used for other things as well as energy? Will
  10. How long does rubbish take to change into gas which is used as energy? Anusha
  11. How do you think the world can be improved in terms of using sustainable electricity? Sofia 

Web conferences enable students to put qustions to experts who are on location. Image: LEARNZ.