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Videos: River restoration

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The story of Matua Hautere

Meet Tom a local kaiako and find out about the history of Te Hoiere Awa. Follow the journey of Kaikaiāwaro who carved out Te Hoiere Awa and guided Matua Hautere.

  • Why is Te Hoiere Awa important to Ngāti Kuia?
  • Find out more about the history of an awa in your local area.

The story of Matua Hautere continues

Continue your journey up Te Hoiere Awa following the journey of Matua Hautere and Kaikaiāwaro. Find out what they discovered and how these tīpuna continue to guide and inspire Ngāti Kuia.

  • What can we learn from Matua Hautere and Kaikaiāwaro?
  • Find out about Māori place names in your local area and what they mean.

Restoration planting action

Join a group of local students to see how they have been restoring Ronga Reserve through a native planting project.

  • How do you know what to plant when restoring an area?
  • Get involved in a local restoration planting day.

Te Hoiere bat recovery project

Meet Debs from Forest and Bird to see how to manage predators to help local species such as the pekapeka/long-tailed bat. Discover where our only land mammal roosts and find out more about the bat recovery project.

  • Why are pekapeka numbers declining?
  • How could you help reduce the number of introduced predators in your local area?

Pakohe: a taonga by the awa

Look for pakohe alongside Te Hoiere Awa with Lewis a local carver and artist. Discover more about the properties of this taonga and its traditional uses.

  • How did Māori use pakohe?
  • What are some of the similarities and differences between pakohe and pounamu?

Cultural health monitoring

Meet Ariana who has been monitoring the health of Te Hoiere Awa. See how you could use cultural health monitoring to find out more about your own awa and how healthy it is.

  • What methods did Ariana use to measure the cultural health of Te Hoiere awa?
  • Carry out cultural health monitoring of your local awa.

Is this a healthy river?

Work with students from Canvastown School to measure the water quality of Te Hoiere Awa and find out how healthy this awa is.

  • What affects the health of Te Hoiere Awa?
  • Monitor the water quality of your local awa and see if it changes over time.

Impacts on Te Hoiere Awa

Join Anna who is an environmental educator to discover how different land-uses are impacting on Te Hoiere Awa and what people can do to manage these impacts.

  • What impacts the health of an awa in your area?
  • What could you do to reduce these impacts?