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Videos: Designing the future of transport

Watch the introductory video for this field trip:

Introduction to Share the Road - design thinking and a safer transport system for everyone from LEARNZ on Vimeo.

Tuesday 14 August

1. The Future of Transport Video Competition Winners

Meet students from the Pūtāruru College film group and find out how they created the winning video entry in the New Zealand Transport Agency Future of Transport Competition.

2. Pūtāruru Students Talk About Self Driving Cars

Chat to students about the possible advantages and disadvantages of self-driving vehicles and how they might be used in the future.

3. Some Questions for Sergeant Hamilton about Self Driving Cars

Students from Pūtāruru College interview Sergeant Murray Hamilton about self-driving cars and the future of transport in New Zealand.

4. Ideas for Analysing Traffic Near Your School

Brave the wet weather and head outside to identify road safety issues and investigate traffic near Pūtāruru College. Discover how to analyse traffic in your local area.

Wednesday 15 August

1. Designing Roads for Everyone

Meet Bridget Burdett, a Transport Engineer working at Stantec. Find out who has to be consulted before roads can be built and how road design has changed over time.

2. Environmental Wellbeing on the Waikato Expressway

Join Environmental Advisor Stephanie Kirk out on the Waikato Expressway site and discover how the environment is protected during the construction process.

3. Technology on the Waikato Expressway

Check out some of the latest technology used to help build the Waikato Expressway and see how this technology is used to save time and money.

4. Keeping People Safe on the Waikato Expressway

Visit the north end of the Hamilton section of the Waikato Expressway and look at some of the safety features that will help make the road easier to use and more forgiving if drivers make mistakes.

Thursday 16 August

1. Electric Vehicles - Plus, Minus, Interesting

Talk to Law Professor Barry Barton about electric vehicles and consider the pros, cons and interesting points about their use in New Zealand.  

2. Legal Issues with Self-Driving Cars

Think about a future with self-driving vehicles and discuss the safety and security issues around the use of automated transport.

3. Researching Driver Behaviour

Meet Psychology Professor Sam Charlton and find out how he has been studying driver behaviour. Discover how this research is done and what can influence drivers.

4. The Driver Simulator

Take the driver simulator for a test ride and see how it performs. Discover the benefits and limitations of this machine and think about how it can be used to improve road safety.

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