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Video question sheet - Word (31k) | PDF (217k) | Google doc to use for each video (based on SOLO Taxonomy).

Tuesday 1 March

  1. Welcome back to the smart capital - Watch on Vimeo.

    Meet the Mayor of Wellington, Celia Wade-Brown, and discover why she is looking forward to the completion of the smart motorway.
  2. Smart motorway project update - Watch on Vimeo.

    Talk to project manager, Glen Prince, about how the smart motorway has progressed since the first field trip back in August 2015.
  3. A safer motorway - Watch on Vimeo.

    See how the new smart motorway will help emergency services to respond to an incident and how technology will help keep drivers safer.
  4. Construction progress on the smart motorway - Watch on Vimeo.

    Get your high-vis vest and safety gear on and head out to the smart motorway construction site to see how the project is progressing.

Wednesday 2 March

  1. Smart CommunicationWatch on Vimeo.

    Talk to Philippa, communication manager for the smart motorway team, and find out about the smart motorway survey.
  2. Smart ResearchWatch on Vimeo.

    Meet researcher Karen Connell from UMR, a research company, and discover how information was gathered to help design an education campaign to teach drivers how to drive smarter on the smart motorway.
  3. Smart AdvertisingWatch on Vimeo.

    Explore the creative world of Clemenger BBDO, an advertising agency, who will be creating advertising to prepare drivers for the opening of the smart motorway.
  4. Students talk about the smart motorwayWatch on Vimeo.

    Drive to Miramar to meet Miramar Christian School students and find out what they think of the smart motorway.

Thursday 3 March

  1. Smart Motorway Simulation ModelWatch on Vimeo.

    Drive into the centre of Wellington and make your way to the Becca office to meet the smart people behind the smart motorway and see how their simulation model works.
  2. Speed Control on the Smart MotorwayWatch on Vimeo.

    Meet systems engineer Hayden Grant-Ussher and see how he will be testing the smart motorway computer model.
  3. Going with the flow at TOCWatch on Vimeo.

    Travel out to the Johnsonville Traffic Operation Centre and find out how our motorway network is monitored and the impact the smart motorway will have on operators at the centre.
  4. Smart Tips for Smarter DrivingWatch on Vimeo.

    Talk to students from Raumati South School and find out what advice they have for drivers using the new smart motorway.
  5. An Even Smarter Future?Watch on Vimeo.

    Back at the smart motorway construction site office check out the garage full of variable message signs and chat to Neil Walker, the highway manager to learn more about the future of our roads.
  6. Field Trip SummaryWatch on Vimeo.

    Take time at the end of the field trip to reflect on what you have learned and think about what you would like to find out more about.