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Stretching the length of our motu, Te Araroa is the longest trail in Aotearoa at 3000 kilometres! It is called the walk of a lifetime because you can take months to walk the whole trail, or a few hours or days to walk a local segment.

Over your lifetime everyone can walk the length of New Zealand. And with over 600 tracks and trails to explore, there must be some special places to see out there!

Image source: © Bream Head Conservation Trust

Share a walk you love.*

Your walk could be on Te Araroa, one of the 600 tracks around the motu, at your local park, or even on your walk to school.

Send us your image of the walk that you love and describe why you love this walk so much. Ensure there are no people in your image - but there could be buildings, water, trees, all kinds of cool things that make your walk something to love…

Remember - Take only photos, leave only footprints.

We have a couple of spot prizes, the book "Birds of New Zealand | Ngā Manu Aotearoa" by Melissa Boardman to give away by 8 October 2021!


How to share

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