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Connect with tsunami experts

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Experts and web conferences

Meet Graham: Principal Scientist GNS Science

Graham is a volcanologist and hazard scientist at GNS Science based in Wellington.

Meet Kelvin: Senior Research Fellow Massey University

Kelvin (Ngāti Mutunga) is a Senior Research Fellow at Massey University and part of the Joint Centre for Disaster Research team.

Web conference

The following questions from schools are answered by Graham and Kelvin in the web conference:

  1. You have called the field trip lessons from the Chathams, so what is the number one lesson that you can share with us about tsunami in Aotearoa New Zealand?
  2. What mātauranga Māori can you share about natural hazards like tsunami in Aotearoa?
  3. What area of Aotearoa is at most risk of tsunami and why?
  4. What has been the largest tsunami to have ever hit Aotearoa and how do you know?
  5. What are the best preparations that we can all make for future tsunami events?
  6. How can we find out more about the natural hazards that exist in our local area?
  7. What would happen if a tsunami hit a dam or something like that?
  8. What causes earthquakes?
  9. Countries that are most at risk of tsunami, are they leading the world in research?
  10. If you are out a sea and there was a tsunami, could you dive under the tsunami?
  11. What height can tsunami get up to?

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Other experts

Meet Deborah: Welfare Manager, Chathams Emergency Operations

Deborah (Moriori, Ngāti Mutunga, Ngāti Tama) is the Welfare Manage at the Chathams Emergency Operation Centre.